welcome to big up films

Big Up Films is a non-profit organisation that runs filmmaking, drama, music production and urban arts workshops in the community.

Our aim at Big Up Films is to make filmmaking, music production and the arts more accessible and to give a voice to those who are under represented in the community. All the workshops we run take the participants through the filmmaking process from script to screen. They learn about storytelling, scriptwriting, storyboarding, sound, camera, acting, editing and distribution. This involvement gives participants real ownership of the finished film.

At the end of each project a screening is held and participants are given a free DVD of their film and a certificate of achievement. Big Up Films was formed in September 2005 and is run by Sheena Callender and Peggy Shimmin. Both are experienced practitioners and have worked in the television and education sector for several years.

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Our latest productions:

Common Voices DVD Cover
Emily's Wish DVD Cover
This is My Story DVD Cover