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common voices - past and present

Common Voices DVD Cover

An Intergenerational Heritage project delivered by Big Up Films and funded by the Heritage Lottery.

In Summer 2009 this project brought together pupils from Bonneville School with a steering group of local volunteers and senior citizens to capture their memories of growing up in Clapham after the end of World War II. This film illustrates their stories and the mixed media map of Clapham Common and depicts the changes since 1948.

emily's wish

Emily's Wish DVD Cover

Produced by the young people of the St Lawrence's Youth Centre during an 8 day workshop.

When Charlie's parents split up he has to move house leaving his friends and old life behind. Then he meets Emily and she has an unusual request for him. This is the story of two friends who help each other to say goodbye to the past and find peace in the future.

this is my story

This is my story DVD cover

Written, performed and filmed by the young people of Clapham South London.

Too Many, written and narrated by Mohammed Jalloh. Mohammed wrote a poem about the drastic rise in gun and knife crime. The poem takes us into the mind of a teenage boy who wants to gain more from life and decides to escape from a world where a bad choice or petty dispute could be the difference between life and death.

getting on

Getting on DVD cover

Are you aged 16-30 and looking for a direction in life?

Big Up Films is running a course which will give you the training and support to move into further education or employment in the career of your choice.

Successful applicants will attend a 10 day workshop based at the Stockwell Resource Centre. You will learn how to:

  • Make a short film on getting a job or training
  • Develop your interview techniques
  • Write a CV
  • Research the job you want to do

youth on youth

Youth on youth DVD cover

A fun blend of short films, adverts, music videos and video diary vox pops created by the members of the St John's Youth Club.

Funded by the Capital Community Fund.

craze school

Craze school DVD cover

A boy on the run from the police seeks refuge in a school but he soon realises that all is not what it seems..

Produced by the students of C.A.V.E school.

Funded by Awards for All.


Invisible DVD cover

A film about football and friendship starring Chabris Napier Lawrence and Miles Emenike

Sports fanatic Tamika has given up the sport she loves.

Best friend Jordon helps Tamika to rediscover her love of football in his own magical way.

moving on

Moving on DVD cover

Written, performed and filmed by the 6th Year students of Clapham Manor School.

Moving on features Big Brother Manor, Alien, Zombied Out and much much more!

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Common Voices DVD Cover
Emily's Wish DVD Cover
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